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Re: [APD] RE: Viruses and worms.

So, you've written your Congresswoman, Congressman,
Senator, right?

--- Robert H <robertph3 at comcast_net> wrote:
> Oh I am not worried about catching a virus. I have Norton
> and I am not
> stupid enough to open emails with attachments. My
> computer is clean. What I
> find annoying is the hundreds of email notifications I am
> getting saying
> email I never sent was undeliveralbe. This is other
> peoples computers who
> are infected and have my email address in their book.
> Comcast does have SPAM
> protection. They flag all the SPAM and put it in a
> mailbox folder. Problem
> is that when it fills up, it shuts down my whole email! I
> have to empty the
> mailbox 3 or 4 times a day! If I don't, I start missing
> the important email.
> I remember when I thought getting SPAM was no big deal.
> Thats when I only
> got 5 or 10 a day, not hundreds. These guys SPAM my whole
> domain name,
> sending duplicate after duplicate...and the more WEB
> sites I get the more it
> keeps multiplying.

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