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[APD] RE: Viruses and worms.

>>You know I'm hearing this more and more but my provider put on their own
anti Spam program 6 months ago and it works! I have Norton and it keeps
updating but in the past 6 months, Norton has only caught 2 bad messages.
The provider's program caught the rest. They used to send me an e mail each
tome they caught an incoming virus but since the latest attack, maybe I'm
paranoid but, the timing with the blackout was too convenient, they said
that they were catching so many they quit sending the e mail notifications.
All I know is that their software works and protects me. Ask your provider
if they can provide virus scans before they come into your mailbox.<<

Oh I am not worried about catching a virus. I have Norton and I am not
stupid enough to open emails with attachments. My computer is clean. What I
find annoying is the hundreds of email notifications I am getting saying
email I never sent was undeliveralbe. This is other peoples computers who
are infected and have my email address in their book. Comcast does have SPAM
protection. They flag all the SPAM and put it in a mailbox folder. Problem
is that when it fills up, it shuts down my whole email! I have to empty the
mailbox 3 or 4 times a day! If I don't, I start missing the important email.
I remember when I thought getting SPAM was no big deal. Thats when I only
got 5 or 10 a day, not hundreds. These guys SPAM my whole domain name,
sending duplicate after duplicate...and the more WEB sites I get the more it
keeps multiplying.

Robert Paul Hudson

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