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RE: [APD] Glossostigma and Burrowing snails

Seweryn asks: "So, keeping that in mind, burrowing Trumpet Snails: a bane,
or good for soil aeration?"

I like them and use them in all my tanks. I consider them the tank vacuum
cleaners. I almost never vacuum the substrate for the purpose of removing
detritus because the snails go through it, break it down further, and it
disappears into the substrate. Substrate stays clean looking, although your
mileage may vary if you are using a fine sand. Only time I vacuum is after
plant trimming or in newly set up tanks for a couple weeks until the tank
has stabilized. I think most any aquatic ecosystem that supports life has a
niche in this area and an animal that fills that niche. Could be a type of
snail or a worm or some other kind of bottom dwelling bug. A necessary
component of the tanks ecosystem in my opinion. They only live in the top
inch of the substrate. Only problem you might have with them is if you are
trying to breed egg laying or egg scattering fish as they consider the eggs
a good meal. If the population becomes too large you can get a lot of them
out at one time by using a snail trap. A loach of some kind will also keep
their numbers in check. 

--- Eric

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