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RE: [APD] Neons and Cardinal Tetras

Jim writes: "In my LFS, where they have hundreds of tanks of all kinds of
fish, they have a sign - exclusively on the Cardinal tetra tank - that
says, "No guarantee on Cardinal Tetras due to their sensitive nature." The
fish look very healthy but I have never bought them because of the
warning,,," [snip]

One of the LFS here does something similar but he has a different approach.
He has a couple different tanks with Cardinals and they are priced
differently. I asked him about that and why no guarantee because I've
bought groups of ten or twelve fish over the years and always one or two of
them die. He told me that when they come in, 1000 to a box, they are
basically overcrowded and starving. Most of them have split fins, pieces of
fins missing, and early stages of fin rot. Several have damaged eyes. He
puts these in a tank and offers them for sale at a low price and with no
guarantee. He then shows the customer the other Cardinal tank. This tank
has better looking fish; they are slightly larger and have no deformities
or fin problems. They also cost more and they don't come with a guarantee
either but you don't need one because he won't sell these to you if you
don't know what you're doing. (In that case he'll sell you the cheaper
ones.) These are the fish that didn't get sold from the previous batch;
basically made it through the gauntlet, and continue to be well taken care
of. These are the fish that I buy. When I buy ten of them, all ten live
with no problems. I've bought two groups from him over the last year or so
and not one loss yet. Worth the extra money when you don't lose any.    

--- Eric

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