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[APD] Books

Yes, I have the other ones mentioned also; Ecology of the planted Aquarium
(Walstad, Echinodorus), The Optimum Aquarium (Horst/Kipper, Aqua
Documenta), The Barrons book, and a bunch of others. They are all "good
books" in their own way for various reasons. I don't think any of them are
the "bible of the aquatic gardener". The hobby is too diverse for any one
book to do that. Thats why when someone asks: "What are good books on
aquarium plants?" I usually start with "it depends" and proceed to name a
few books that approach this subject in different ways. You then have a
choice as to what you want the book to help you with and can make an
intelligent choice. Heck, I still refer to Aquarium Plants (Rataj/Horeman,
TFH) for lots of things, but I know (most) of the limitations of the book.
To say that there are simply no good books is not helping anyone who wishes
to progress in this hobby.     

--- Eric

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