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Re: [APD] two questions

you can get either one on-line with just a few minutes or
less searching.

I've timed it. 

You can walk into any B&N and order either one.

I'm not a librarian ;-)

--- "Adam N." <Adam at xhaos_org> wrote:
> Diane's book is great but it's really a treatise on one
> method. I own it 
> and have read it many, many times but for a beginner 
> it's just going to 
> be confusing. It's not really a book on a\quarium plants
> as such IMHO. I 
> personally sort of collect old aquarium books that have
> information on 
> plants and most of the old books pretty much advocate
> something like 
> Diane's method.
> I forgot about the Tropica book, I also don't own it not
> do I own the 
> Kasselman book but then again neither is readily
> available. You not 
> going to waltz into your local Barnes and Nobel and find
> either and both 
> are expensive. I'd want to look at both before plunking
> down the $45 
> that they cost and thats's not an option on the internet.
> I think the real issue for me is that it's just to damn
> viriable.  
> Growing pants is more a touch and really depends on what
> you want to 
> achive, your stuck with what ever water you have and what
> lights you can 
> afford.  it dosen't lend it's self to the printed page. 
> The archives 
> are much bettter but my favorite is the Krib. 
> By the way.  I am a librarian.
> Adam

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