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Re: [APD] two questions

Diane's book is great but it's really a treatise on one method. I own it and have read it many, many times but for a beginner it's just going to be confusing. It's not really a book on a\quarium plants as such IMHO. I personally sort of collect old aquarium books that have information on plants and most of the old books pretty much advocate something like Diane's method.

I forgot about the Tropica book, I also don't own it not do I own the Kasselman book but then again neither is readily available. You not going to waltz into your local Barnes and Nobel and find either and both are expensive. I'd want to look at both before plunking down the $45 that they cost and thats's not an option on the internet.

I think the real issue for me is that it's just to damn viriable. Growing pants is more a touch and really depends on what you want to achive, your stuck with what ever water you have and what lights you can afford. it dosen't lend it's self to the printed page. The archives are much bettter but my favorite is the Krib.

By the way. I am a librarian.


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