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[APD] Neons and Cardinal Tetras

I think Neons and Cardinal Tetra are great looking fish in planted aquariums, but I have a couple questions.  
Neons are cheap but I find they "disappear".  I can put 10-20 in my planted 55g and in a couple months I am down to 3-5. I never even find any dead. I have done this several times. I have other tetras/pleco/gold barbs/dwarf gourami in the tank that are fine, just the neons disappear.  Nothing is the tank is big enough to eat them whole.  All the plants and the other fish are healthy and growing and all parameters and good an stable.  Any advice on how to keep neons longer?    
In my LFS, where they have hundreds of tanks of all kinds of fish, they have a sign - exclusively on the Cardinal tetra tank - that says, "No guarantee on Cardinal Tetras due to their sensitive nature."  The fish look very healthy but I have never bought them because of the warning (especially given my disappearing neon problem).  Are Cardinals that sensitve and can anyone offer any particular advice on keeping Cardinals?   (I have a total of >250 gallons of tanks and keep a wide range of barbs, tetra, angels, rams, African Cichlids, gouramis, knife fish, plecos, SAE, et.al., but never cardinals.  And except the neons, I rarely lose fish).
Thanks in advance of any guidance.    
Jim Stimmel
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