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[APD] Re: Remove center brace from 75-gallon

My 90 gallon had it's center brace melted into all sorts of shapes by heat
lamps when it used to house reptiles. Mine was the black plastic type, most
likely an all-glass tank. Although it looks like plastic only I can see a
mesh much like fiberglass pads where the melting was at it's worst. I was
thinking of cutting it out and replacing it with a glass brace and fixing it
to the glass and plastic using silicon. But I was scared to take the risk
and left it as is, I've already had a 90 gallon burst on me in the past and
it was the older type tank without any brace. I'm sure it's not as strong as
it used to be but so far it's holding water.... touch wood.

Giancarlo Podio

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Back to the brace again: If its the molded plastic kind (part of the top
frame and probably a dark brown or black color) plastic then I'd consult
the tank manufacturer about any material degradation over time from the
strong lighting. Maybe a shield on this kind of brace is a good idea.

--- Eric

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