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Re: [APD] Remove center brace from 75-gallon

If you do rely on fans to be able to maintain the
sturctural integrity of your aquarium, then keep in mind
that they are mechanicl devices and some day will not
perform no matter how they are wired.  It might be years if
they are good fans, but someday they will fail.

Distance between light and tank is a surer thing than fans.
 Space almost never wears out during the normal life of an
aquarium  ;-)  .

Scott H.
--- Eric Wahlig <ewahlig at earthlink_net> wrote:
> Louis points out "Careful with MH over the center brace. 
> Bad things can
> happen" and links to an article documenting a disaster.
> In looking at the
> photos, I can see that the lamps were very close to the
> top of the tank.
> The author says they were 5.5 inches above the top and
> needed to rely on
> fans to keep them from causing damage. Of course, as
> Murphy's law would
> have it, the fans did not turn on as expected and the
> 400W MH lamps cooked
> the acrylic. If you keep the lamps far away from the
> tank, like 1.5 feet,
> then I think you won't have to rely on fans to protect
> the integrity of the
> tank but you may still need a fan to cool the light
> system itself. The
> light setup that Adam has may already have a fan or two
> in it. I think most
> of the commercial ones do. Personally, If I build a light
> system, I
> hard-wire the fans to the light circuit so they have to
> run if the lights
> are on. No plugs or timers on these.

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