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[APD] Re: 75 gal center brace

> You used to have a web page about removing the frame completely?  Is that
> still up? 

Not up, I don't have a web page.
I had some pics on picture trail etc.
I still have the pics. Folks and myself have had trouble due to Mac jpeg
transfers. They should work etc but often don't.

> And yes, I would like to see your tank now that it's done.  I was
> thinking about making a brace that would fit over the top of the tank kind
> of like a c-clamp.  I'd make this from 3/4 inch Plexi, perhaps 4 inches
> wide.  The Plexi would be clear of course.

I'd use polycarbonate. Flame polished etc
> My tank is a 75 not a 75E (economy) it has thicker glass, do you think that
> matters at all?

Yes. The pressure and bow effect is quite large.
I'll tell you the work involved to get the tank I have now is worth it, but
it's not that easy, it might be worth it to you to have a custom tank etc,
but it'll cost a fair amount.

The C lamp, the slats or the custom tank seems like your main choices.
My access is not hindered at all from the slats in my tank.
Email off list for the jpegs. You are welcomed to post them on a site etc.

Tom Barr
> Adam
> Dean in '04

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