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Re: [APD] Remove center brace from 75-gallon

And you can.  Tanks like that are available or can be
special ordered.  But they are too costsly for most folks
and most folks is what the production lines need to be
geared for.

Oceanic makes some beautiful frameless tanks with, and
without, centerbraces.  You want to look locally for a
custom aquarium builder.  You can find them on the web but
the shipping can be a real show stopper.

A braced tank is not just cheaper to make, it's cheaper to

--- "Schenck, Lyndle" <lschenck at dcscorp_com> wrote:
> The "so on" part of Scott's post is the cheaper cost and
> IMO that is the major factor.  . . . Personally, I would 
> gladly pay a premium for a thicker
> quality glass 70 or 90 gallon tank without the brace just
> to increase the lighting options and for ease of
> cleaning.

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