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[APD] Remove center brace from 75-gallon

The "so on" part of Scott's post is the cheaper cost and IMO that is the major factor.  My favorite tank EVER was a 70 gal without the center brace I bought in the late 1970s.  That tank was indestructable and made a half dozen Navy moves that destroyed several thinner tanks.  I finally gave it away and it is still in use.  I could not discern much difference in clarity and if there was any bowing I did not notice that either.
Personally, I would gladly pay a premium for a thicker quality glass 70 or 90 gallon tank without the brace just to increase the lighting options and for ease of cleaning.
Does anyone know of any sources?
Lyndle Schenck

	I don't know who made you tank but the manufacturers 
	usually employ braces so that the glass panels can be 
	thinner, the tank lighter, the view clearer, and so on. 
	There are ways to design tanks so that they do not need 
	center braces but those tanks usually do not have center 
	braces -- them that does needs 'em. 

	If you remove the brace, the glass will bow out much more 
	than with the brace, and either the frame or the glass will 
	probably break right away or soon, that is, if you put 
	water in the tank. 

	Scott H. 


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