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[APD] Remove center brace from 75-gallon

I have a 75-Gallon tank that I would like to remove the center brace from.
The reason that I'd like to do this is that I have a newish 2x55 CF lamp
that incorporates a single 250-watt metal halide and I don't like the idea
of the single lamp shining down on the center brace. I never really
understood the MH hysteria until I hooked this unit up.  Wow, the ripple
effect is beautiful. It'll also allow me to have a more truly open topped
aquarium like you see in The Optimum Aquarium.

Anyhow, is it considered safe to remove the center brace?  Has anyone done
it on a 75?

Thanks for advice.  You can also send it directly to adam at xhaos_org


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