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[APD] Extinction of Cardinal Tetras

I've been a lurker for a while, just learning, nothing much to contribute,
but thought I'd give my thoughts this time.

I read a while ago that most cardinals are wild caught because they are so
plentiful. Even though large amounts are collected there are still huge
numbers that remain. I think it was last year I read that, so I don't know
if the situation has changed. I think neons are farmed.

Talking of life expectancy, I've had neons last nearly 10 years. Thought for
some reason, a few die off gradually over several years leaving one that
lasts for ages. I've also got a khuli loach that is in it's 22nd year! It
was bought by my Dad and given to me when he gave up fishkeeping. He still
asks about it and is amazed that it's still going. After some months go by,
we think it's finally gone to the big pond in the sky and then it pops up
again. It's been through numerous house moves and a few broken tanks (and
floody carpets), but still going strong. Having said that, I haven't seen it
for a while....


> In a message dated 9/10/03 11:55:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com writes:
> Karen, your reply was eloquent and very accurate. I have had 
> Cardinals live 
> far past 5 years.  It brings up an issue I have often talked 
> about and this is 
> what constitutes success with a fish? I once spent several 
> long minutes 
> listening to a person brag about what a great marine aquarist 
> they were and how his 
> queen angel fish had lived far longer than wild fish could 
> ever live. After 
> listening to this for some time I asked how long did his 
> beloved fish live. His 
> answer was "about a year and a half." Many other people have 
> the mistaken idea 
> that fish are very short lived animals and use this belief as 
> an excuse to 
> replace their fish every few months and not be concerned 
> about the fishes 
> health. In many cases this myth is perpetuated by petshops so 
> the average home 
> aquarist doesn't really know how long his charges should be 
> expected to live. So 
> again I'll say glad to hear you tell it like it is. I do have 
> a reason for this 
> reply other than "me too" and I would like to ask you and the 
> rest of the list 
> about a rumor I have heard about Cardinal tetras. the rumor 
> states that 
> Cardinal tetras are on the verge of extinction and are not 
> expected to exist in the 
> wild more than 1 or 2 more years due to over collecting. Do 
> you or anyone on 
> this list have any information about this? I would have 
> though if cardinals 
> were that close to extinction they would be protected by 
> CITES by now. Also the 
> rumor goes on the state that Cardinals are not bred in 
> captivity at all but 
> that almost all neons are captive bred now. Is any of this correct?
> Moon
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