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[APD] Cooper Overdose

Life is depressing, actually my fish tank is. Over the past few months I have neglected my tank. After the snail infestation I haven't had much of the desire to do much. During the snail infestation, I used "Snail-Be-Gone" to see if I could get rid of it, but sadly after several weeks, I gave up using it, and tried filling a filter bag full of pre-boiled pennies. It was practically five months, before I last remembered the bag of pennies in the filter...and during the time, I didn't turn on the lights frequently, or refill the co2 bottle. The snails eventually all vanished, either from the cooper, or lack of algae. After this horrific incident the plants are struggling to grow. I have about 2wpg in the tank, the cooper completely killed the hornwort, and all the other plants don't seem to be growing as rapidly compared to before the snail infestation. I know the amount of light I have is descent as the plants used to flourish in these conditions, so I suspect that there are still reminense of cooper in the tank. I've done several water changes over the past 2 months but haven't been quite effective. Any ideas of how to remove the cooper in my tank through natural means without resorting to chemicals?
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