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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 off at night

I can't how what you say is not so.  The pH jsut is not
that diff in most situations, exccept as you mentioned.

So I wonder, has anyone tested to see if the rotifer
thingies actually die from CO2 on the suction side of the
filter?  Often there is so little empiricism in this hobby.

Scott H.

--- Dan Dixon <dandixon at mac_com> wrote:
> Tomoko Schum at tomokoschum at knology_net wrote:
> > During 2001 convention Takashi Amano ...
> > told me to inject CO2 on the "output" side of my
> > Eheim filter . . . (His reason of
> bypassing
> > the filter was to protect delicate tiny rotifer like
> > microorganisms that live in the filter environment from
> the
> > acidifying effect of CO.)
> With all due respect to the master, I don't see how the
> pH can vary to any
> significant extent between a properly working canister
> filter and the tank,
> unless the CO2 is being consumed or driven out of the
> tank water at very
> high rates.  Even at a modest 50 GPH, a typical canister
> filter will turn
> itself over every 20 minutes, so the filter water is
> constantly being mixed
> with tank water.

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