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[APD] Re: Nutrients and Algae types


I've been doing similar experiments lately on my tanks and have seen similar
results. In my tanks where hair or thread algae was always present to some
extent, it completely dissappeared after changing to a pressure CO2 system
and increasing my phosphate levels (did both at once so not sure who is
responsible). I also get a lot of dust algae if I push the iron levels up, I
actually don't add any iron to my tanks at the moment as they seem to be
getting enough of it from the tap water and trace mix. I haven't seen much
changes in green spot, however it's a welcomed guest compared to some other
types of algae :)  Last weekend I started dosing very heavily compared to my
usual levels, so far no algae, just more pearling and my ludwigia mullertii
has turned from a rusty color to deep reddish tone, very nice! BBA seems to
come back when my nitrates are too low.

Giancarlo Podio

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Hey folks,
I finally have started dosing in reasonably accurate amounts and my plants
are showing the results.  However, the overall algae type seems to have
changed.  Whereas before I had an abundance of hair and staghorn algae on
plants and glass, most of it now only consists of green spot algae on the
glass.  Is there a relation to the types of algae and your nutrient balance?
For example, too much or little iron will generally cause a certain type of
algae to flourish while inhibiting another, while too much or little NO3
favor another?  Thanks!

Kristian Anderson

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