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[APD] Re: CO2 off at night

>>> Folks don't have to use a solenoid to convert to semiautomated CO2
> control.
> They can use a powerhead that pushed water through a CO2 reactor etc. When
> the reactor stops flowing, the gas stops being dissolved. The excess gas
> burps out into the air above.<<
> Seems like kinda of a waste of gas though... if the powerhead is submersed,
> why wouldn't the gas still go into the water with the powerhead shut off?

Because no water is pulling it into the impeller to be atomized into mist
nor is there any current going by the gas as well.
Only when the pump is on will good dissolution of the gas occur.

> Wouldn't that be the same with any sort of internal reactor?

Yes, and most powerhead drive externals.

>And what if you
> are using an external reactor, where does the gas go then?

Same deal if you use the powerhead at the source of CO2 input.

This powerhead method is mainly for DIY CO2 folks of which there are many,
more than Gas tank users IME/IMO.

>Regulators with a
> solenoid included are so cheap now, its more expensive to buy a regulator
> and a powerhead than just a regulator with a solenoid. Spend the money you
> save on a really good reactor.

Actually just save it for a reg with a solenoid. CO2 externals work well
with DIY and Gas tanks:


This CO2 works great and cost 10$. DIY/Gas tank folks can feed it into the
powerhead etc for on/off etc or you can use a solenoid

Tom Barr

> Robert Paul Hudson
> www.aquabotanic.com

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