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[APD] Cardinal tetras

Greg Watson wrote:

>>The only comment I would make is that the life span of cardinal tetras
is typically only about 12-18 months, making a large school more
expensive on an ongoing basis.  I was happiest when I purchased 1/3 of
the total every six months thus constantly replenishing the school.  But
admittedly, at the time it was a significant ongoing expense.<<

Umm.  While cardinal tetras are considered "annual" fish in the wild, they
can live CONSIDERABLY longer than that in captivity if they are properly
cared for. (good environment and good food)  Very often there is a fair
amount of attrition in the first few weeks, as they often come in
malnourished and weak.  Once properly acclimated, they should have
absolutely no problem remaining healthy active residents in your tank for
3-5 years or more.  The oldest cardinals I know of personally were still
going strong at 10 years of age... monstrous 2" fat boys.<g>

While you WILL have to beef up your numbers over time, please don't put news
ones directly into your tank.  That could be part of the problem for those
of you who are losing them at a young age.  You may very well be introducing
wild pathogens by doing this.  Make sure you have a large enough quarantine
set-up to hold your new cardinals for at least a month (longer if you
experience deaths) before adding them to your display tank.  The best way I
know to put size and health on cardinal tetras is to feed them discus food.
(not surprising, I suppose, considering that they come from the same
environments)  Once you've got them fat, they are no more delicate or short
lived than most other small tetras.

Please don't make the mistake of treating these fish as disposable just
because they are small.  Unlike many of our other aquarium fish, remember
that every one of these guys comes from the wild.  If you are going to take
them out of their home, please take care of them properly.


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