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Re: [APD] Buying Cardinal Tetras in bulk

Mine might be catfish then, living out nine lives ;-) .

Some sources, more authoritative than my meager experience,
report figures in the neighborhood of several years, even 4
or 5.  Hard to say what's typical because it depends on so
many factors.

Rotating your tetra stock like US Senators makes sense, but
you want to be sure to quarrantine the freshmen.

Great tip on buying in quantity!

Scott H.
--- GW  <gregwatson at gregwatson_com> wrote:

> The only comment I would make is that the life span of
> cardinal tetras
> is typically only about 12-18 months, making a large
> school more
> expensive on an ongoing basis.  I was happiest when I
> purchased 1/3 of
> the total every six months thus constantly replenishing
> the school.

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