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[APD] CO2 at night

Diego wrote:

>> I remember Karen Randall saying in Sunken Gardens (AFM) saying that if
dose CO2 24/7 , water will be over-saturated  with Oxigen at the time the
lights are off (due to CO2 injection during the day), and such levels will
be enough for plants and fish to overcome the night. <<

That's not QUITE what I said.  I said that in MY tanks, the O2 level is over
saturation during the day, and drops to just below saturation overnight.
This is _not_ just because of CO2 supplementation, though, of course, that
is an important part of it.  In a PROPERLY MANAGED planted tank, there is no
need to turn off the CO2 over night, unless you want to.  If you have too
many fish, not enough light during the photoperiod, or haven't met your
plant's other needs, you hay not reach these O2 levels, and you COULD have
problems with your fish overnight.  But it's not the fault of the CO2, it's
the fault of the operator.

Certainly, turning the CO2 off at night (or running an airstone to provide
better oxygenation) gives you a larger margin for error.  But I have been
running tanks with pressurized CO2 for more years than this list has been in
business, and have never yet turned the CO2 off at night.  I can't say that
I've never had a "CO2 mishap", but they wouldn't have been prevented by
turning the CO2 off at night either, since they both happened during the day
time. (Once was on my very first DIY system, without a needle valve... we
all know not to do that now!  The other was a diaphragm that blew in a


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