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[APD] Re: CO2 indicator

> Did everyone get these the first time? Can someone please help me out
> with the KH calculation thingy? Thank you.
> Clint Brearley
> Melbourne, Australia

I saw it and figured you might not like my response.
I'll tell you this.

I think a bubble rate counter would be an easier method and close to the
same range of this. Many folks in Asia use this method for general CO2.
But a pH monitor would be better since KH seldom changes in week much(but
still should be checked every so often) if you want constant CO2

Folks seldom use these CO2 indicators anymore but they do alright.
Dupla and a couple of other companies made them. Folks tried everything to
DIY a Dupla component. But many you did not need. This was one of them IMO.

> nitrate    10ppm/week    (dosed daily)
> phosphate  1.4ppm/week   (dosed daily)
> potassium  12ppm/week    (dosed weekly)
> iron       0.18ppm/week  (dosed daily)
> magnesium  3.8ppm/week   (dosed weekly)

The dosage I use is the same for all tanks except non CO2.
The frequency on the other hand is what I vary, the weekly ppm rating is
somewhat difficult to adjust to unless you consider light/CO2/fish load etc.
You mention that etc.
Tap water often has PO4 and/or NO3.
But a simple spreadsheet could easily convert folk's routines into a weekly
ppm rating if that's what you are after.

higher light: 3X a week
Medium moderate light or high fish load: 2x a week
Low light: once a week

I've come up with fairly decent daily usages for NO3, PO4 at least what I
would consider primarily plant uptake and a good CO2 level which applies to
all CO2 enriched tanks, low, med, high light etc.

The others are all in fairly excess and hence their dosages/uptakes are

Tom Barr 

Tom Barr

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