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[APD] Re: CO2 usage in a sump versus non-sump

> Which overflow, the CPR or another one?
> Scott H.
> --- Larry Jones <ljones at usc_edu> wrote:
>> I noted a huge decrease in my CO2 usage when I bought a
>> CPR overflow. . .But this overflow
>> seems to save me much CO2 and it is also much quieter.

Wow, you guys are really getting me on my poor grammar. <grin> But I do know
better, so I had better act like it. The CPR overflow is better, period. The
CPR saved me CO2 and is quiet. The old overflow used to sound like a toilet
that was running over. Now my aquarium is basically silent. Also if you are
in the market. Look at http://www.amekaaquatics.com , Look under the factory
seconds and you may find a great deal on a not quite picture perfect
overflow. Mine is not visible but I couldn't see why it was a second.
Larry Jones M.D.
ljones at usc_edu

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