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[APD] Re: Buying Cardinal Tetras in bulk

So far I only have:

1 pl*co (going to be moved to another tank soon)
2 clown loaches (still very small)
10 otocinclus
7 hastatus cories
5 rasboras (which will probably be moved or sold)

I thought a HUGE school of cardinal tetras would be very impressive,
somewhere along the lines of 100.  Does it seem doable given that it is
(going to be) heavily planted and well-filtered by a Magnum 350 canister?

That would probably be too many fish for that size tank. IMHO, large schools are neat but only when they have enough room to maneuver around as a school. With 100 cardinals in an 80 gallon tank your tank would be very crowded. I think you would find it difficult to maintain proper water chemistry with that stocking level too without using some very serious filtration. A school of 20-30 cardinals would probably be OK in tank of that size and still be able to act as a school of fish.

Your fish and plants will both be healthier if you only lightly stock your tank. You may find that you like the tank better when it isn't packed with fish too. I have found in my own tanks that a lot of plants and a few fish tank to be more visually interesting than a heavily stocked fish tank.


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