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[APD] snails and other critters in a new planted tank....


just got my first planted tank set up and all is doing great so far.

The details... (usual setup)
72 gallon bow front, 220 watts CF lighting, Fluorite gravel, CO2 injection( ph6.8), substrate heater( tank at 79-80)..yadda yadda..

GH=3, KH =4, CO2 brings pH down from 7.4 to 6.8 ...yadda. Using Seachem Flourish and Iron for now.

Anyways...got all the plants in...so far so good. Pearling and all that. But I see a few sundry small snails and some little worm-like thing have hitched a ride into the tank from plants.

No fish have been put in yet.

Question is... Before I add fish...should I add anything to kill off whatever may have hitched a ride into the tank? Or dont worry about it?

Thanks for any assistance....

Lorenzo Rota

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