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[APD] Classic book in vegetation sampling design

First published in 1974, "Aims and Methods of Vegetation Ecology" by Dieter
Mueller-Dombois and Heinz Ellenberg rapidly became the standard text for the
study of vegetation sampling design in over 60 U.S. colleges and
universities. To this day, there has been no comparable text published.

The Blackburn Press has just reprinted the book, making it available again
for research, reference and teaching.

"No other text has covered the subject of vegetation sampling design in such
depth, breadth, and impartiality as this book, "Aims and Methods of
Vegetation Ecology." Most of this material remains as current and topical
today as it was a quarter-of-a-century ago, because the progress that has
been made in vegetation science is in the computer-based treatment of sample
data, not in the creation of new sampling protocols."-- Michael G. Barbour,
plant ecologist, University of California at Davis.

For more information, see:

The Blackburn Press is a relatively new publishing company, founded with the
mission of keeping in print and available for purchase at reasonable prices
book titles that have gone out of print. We specialize in scientific and
technical books and textbooks. The books are generally classics in their
fields and unobtainable, even in the used/rare book market.

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