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Re: [APD] Viruses and worms and things that go bonk in your computer

Yes. We've reached (passed beyond?) the day when using the
internet means, in addition to antiviral and firewall
software, having antispam and anti spyware software.  Most
of it is pretty inexpensive and there's freeware stuff
around too.

My USPS mailbox in front of my house gets tons of junk too,
but I haven't found any software to reduce that ;-)
Hiow many times is that realtor going to offer to sell my
house.  I've moved a coule dozen times in my life and I
ain't moving again 'till I'm dead.

Scott H.

--- Robert H <robertph3 at comcast_net> wrote:
> . . .I am getting over 600 SPAM emails a
> DAY now. About half
> is from peoples infected computers that has me in their
> address book, and
> the other half is porn . . .

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