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Re: [APD] Custom SeaLife Moonlites

The versatile aquarist Chuck Gadd was onto this before
CustomSealife.  You can make your own for less bucks, not
counting your labor -- a surplus house cn sell you a
transformer for about $5 or so and you can get superbright
LEDs at lots of electronics outlets.

check out his article at:


Instead of a series of many LEDs, you could use just one
with a smaller output transformer -- in any event, use a
resistor in series to control the actual voltage across the
LED(s) if the transformer voltage is higher than what the
LEDs require.

I've built a number of these and you're not limited to 
white.  The newer super bright or ultrabright LEDs are
rather remarkable for the amount of light they give off.

A nice place form which to get high quality superbright
LEDs with nice color (the shites are espeically nice) is


set your soldering iron to about 750 degrees F :-)
Have fun,
Scott H.

--- Dgrim62 at cs_com wrote:
> I saw these Moonlites 
> from CSL at my LFS. They are basically a high intensity
> LED that is encased 
> in a small black plastic square with a thin gauge wire
> running to the small 
> transformer that plugs into the power outlet.

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