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Re: [APD] Re: cooler water holds more gas -- or - It's cool,it's a gas gas gas

Thanks for the explanation Larry.  It's why I asked the
question -- I knew I was missing something from your
earlier post but wasn't sure what.  Now I understand what
you were driving at and it makes much more sense to me.

I agree, you should indeed save CO2 if you do nights-off
cycling.  But it might not be quite as much as you think. 
If you add CO2 24/7, there is a moderate build up over the
night and a steady depletion until lights off.  Not a total
depletion, just a steady depletion--assuming lots of
plants.  If you're turning off the CO2 after the plants
have been depleting the CO2, and not putting CO2 back over
the  evening, you will need to get CO2 levels back up to
snuff when you turn the CO2 back on and probably run a bit
higher than you would if you had the moderate build up over
the night.  So you might not save 50% on your CO2.  But
your'e sure to save a significant amount. IN my case, it
could amount to as much $10 per year. But your situation
could be very diff depending on how fast you setup(s) use
CO2 and how much CO2 costs you.

If you've got a solenoid, go for it.  It won't hurt
anything so long as the solenoid works and it will save on
CO2.  If you don't have one, figure out how many $s you'll
save on CO2 over the life of a solenoid and whether that
savings justifies the cost.  Good solenoids can last for 5
years, even ten but the average life is probably less.  The
main causes of failure are degradation of the valve or
valve seat and a shorting in the coil.  With hard water,
the valve problem is probably more likely to occur first,
but it's hard to say.

Hey folks, how long have your solenoids been lasting?

Good luck,
Scott H.
--- Larry Jones <ljones at usc_edu> wrote:
> . . . My warm
> water will be unable to
> hold as much gas in this case CO2 but I am not trying to
> saturated the
> water. . . My point was just that I was
> loosing and using
> more CO2 since it has been hot. . .But I may go to
> the off at night plan. That should extend my CO2 quite a
> bit.

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