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[APD] Custom SeaLife Moonlites

Hi everyone,
I just set up a 240 gallon planted tank in my basement. I have metal halide 
daylight lighting, and when I was installing the halides, I saw these Moonlites 
from CSL at my LFS. They are basically a high intensity LED that is encased 
in a small black plastic square with a thin gauge wire running to the small 
transformer that plugs into the power outlet.  They basically simulate moonlight 
in the tank on a cloudless night. I beleve they are targeted primarily at 
Reefers, but I decided to try them on the 240. They are made to retrofit into 
existing canopies, and CSL also installs them in their new line of factory built 

I contacted CSL's tech department, adn asked if they could be wired together 
and run off one transformer, as they only draw one watt of electricity each. 
They told me you can run up to six of them off one transformer.

I incorporated four of them in my canopy, each mounted on the metal square 
the mogul socket of the halide bulb attaches to. I run them off one transformer. 
They look great. I have them come on when the halides turn off and yes, it 
looks like moonlight in a body of water at night.

This may be something you can make yourself, but the CSL unit is easy to work 
with, and the efffect is very nice and allows some night viewing.

Insert usual disclaimers.

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