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RE: [APD] Re: CO2 off at night -- or - No 2 CO2 PM

I keep my CO2 Running 24x7 and haven't had significant problems.
One thing I have noticed though, in a couple of heavily planted tanks
where I did not clean the filters for about 15 months nor did I do any
top vacuuming of the Gravel in these two tanks. I would remove dead
leaves once in a while. Water changes were being done 50% weekly and all
other dosing was being done properly. These tanks were lit by 4+
watts/gallon by MH bulbs. I have the lights on a timer from 9:00 AM to
6:00 PM. 
When the tank is newly setup and settled and when the external canisters
are clean my plants begin to pearl at around 2:00 PM.
I also noticed that the pearling would progressively get delayed and
after about a year I would not see any pearling at all in the tank. The
plants were doing well, robust growth and flowering. The fish did not
seem affected in any way.
After about 15 months I did a rearrangement of the plants in one of the
tanks and cleaned the external canister filter and did a gravel
vaccuming too.
Voila within a couple of days the plants were pearling again at around
2:00 PM in this tank. The other tank still had no pearling.
I have run my tanks at 60 ppm CO2, and fish which have been in this tank
for a while even breed here. Any new introductions go into trauma for a
few hours in these tanks but recover and adapt thereafter. So a high CO2
level is not a problem in my opinion as long as there is enough oxygen
available at all times.
Can I conclude that
1)     in a neglected tank where in there is a heavy bioload due to dead
and decaying matter, uneaten food, dirty gravel etc., 
2)     In a new setup where in the plants haven't settled down
O2 levels may drop dangerously low at night and this could affect the
livestock therein and under these conditions it is better to switch off
CO2 at night ?
Madan Subramanian
Bangalore, India.
You have to be Young and Foolish in order to one day be old and wise.
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