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[APD] Re: CO2 of at night

> Subject: RE: [APD] Re: CO2 off at night -- or - No To CO2 PM
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> What's the advantage of turning the CO2 off at night?
> Scott H.

No high build of chronic dosing levels, allows the tank to be purged of any
excess. This would allow more to be dosed during the time when the plants
need it without as much CO2 stress upon the fish.

The steady addition (vs a spike once a day) is more stressful.

This might be one reason why some folks have mentioned 30ppm etc might cause
issues with their fish, vs folks turning it off at night.

Sometimes folks set/reset their CO2 rate and wander off and forget to double
check their CO2 levels via pH. Next morning everyone's gasping/dead.

The daily purge seems to provide some buffer room with Murphy's law that
24/7 does not.

The other issue is that if you use a solenoid, you save 2x or more CO2 gas.

If you use a powerhead to throttle on/off cycles, then the shutting off of
the powerhead allows the basket to clear of leaves/detritus when it shuts
off nightly. Also extends pump life/adds CO2 rich circulation during the
time when plants are taking in a good deal of nutrients/CO2.

What advantages does having CO2 on all the time afford? Simpler, pH more
stable if set up right.

I'd prefer to error on the side that allows me to worry about fish less.
Folks that harm fish/kill them etc with CO2 are far more frequent than the
folks that kill their fish due to pH swings(unless the water is poorly
buffered). A very slow swing of .5pH units daily is not going to cause much
problem. My swings are less.

Tom Barr


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