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Re: [APD] CO2 bubble rates in sump vs non sump tanks?

Judging by bubble rate, my CO2 use about doubled.  The
amount of change in CO2 use, of course, depends on whether
you cover the overflow box (if you have one) or cover the
sump and what the water flow rate is.

Scott H.
--- Dgrim62 at cs_com wrote:
> Hi everyone, 
> If anyone on the list has gone from a C02 injected non
> sump filter setup to a 
> sump type setup on the same tank, how did the switch
> affect the amount of CO2 
> you injected?
> I just set up a 240 gallon with a sump and I am using
> more CO2 than I did 
> with a cannister type setup (on a 125 gallon). I have
> minimized turbulence 
> wherever possible to reduce off gassing as much as I can.
> The tank also has metal 
> halide lighting instead of the power compact I was using
> before.
> Thanks!
> Regards,
> Dave

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