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[APD] Re: RUGS or you'd think I'd me kind and reply to all of themat once...


I have not talked about RFUG's in awhile.

I was wondering when you'd join the fun.

Same substrate?

Yes and no. I moved most of them to another tank with what I was told was a better substrate for crypts: laterite, litter, and coarse sand. I did also move some of the plants back into the old tank after removing the rug and had similar results to the new tank.

The original RUG tank was the only one I kept minimal amounts of nutrients in. The levels were on the order of 2-3ppm NO3 and very little PO4. K and traces were about half of what most of us keep.

I found crypts to do very well, despite all the talk and _speculative_comments and assertions that they prefer to root feed etc.

They do indeed. I've got a tank full of them right now. :)

Serious questions: Thinking only physiologically, wouldn't it stand to reason that crypts prefer to feed through roots? Why produce such a huge web of them if they didn't really need them? Haven't they got all the storage capacity they need in their rhizome? It makes sense that they would need an anchor to survive in currents, but then why not just make a bunch of thick anchor roots ala Anubias? All that extra root material would be wasted energy, wouldn't it?

P) Regarding whether or not the RUGF was more or less effective than UG cables I'm not sure they can really be compared in this case.

T) They can and have.

P) While the concept is the same, the flow from the RUGF was many times greater than a cable could ever be.

T) Roughly 20000-30000L/day/m^2 vs around 1-10L/day/m^2 with heat vs
.5L/day/m^2 for plain old diffusion.

Is there a point where flow would become overkill?

If the aquarium had no RUGF and it was a comparison of a strong
root system vs. a cable system I would have to say that we'd have something
to compare.

Done it.

Your comparison was what I was thinking of.

See you in Dallas, Phil

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