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[APD] Re: Praziquantel -- Safe For All Fish & Inverts?


> What is the dose for praziquantel?

Depends on who you talk to and what you are treating for. I think the following is a
reasonable treatment schedule:

Quoting billman at citynet_net

The standard dose for water treatment is about 1 gram per 100 gal.

The dosage is the same for Flukes or Tapeworm but the required number of doses is
different. For Tapeworm one or possibly two doses,a week apart, should be all that's

Flukes require a minimum of two doses ,about a week apart ,because of possible Fluke eggs
in the water which are not killed by the Prazi. Because of this egg problem and the
complex life cycle of Flukes most people like to give three doses or the current trend is
to dose continuously for the three weeks by starting with the 1gram/100 gal and then
simply replacing any Prazi that's lost when doing a water change. The continuous method
certainly increases your confidence that you got all the bugs but it takes more Prazi,
depending on the size & frequency of your water changes, and I'm not yet convinced its
necessary, but it seems to be safe.
The dose schedule you cite seems to be a variation on the continuous method.
Tapeworm can also be attacked by adding Prazi to food. This requires much less Prazi then
treating the water.
The Prazi dose should be the same for all species of fish.

> Are there fish or inverts that are
> sensitive to it?

Apparently, this is a med that is pretty mild in that regard -- *much* less so than
others. I'm going to use it on "scaleless" fish (Botia sidthimunki) that are in my planted
tank. I don't anticipate any problems with the loaches. I also have Amano Shrimp. I
believe they will be fine as well, but I'll report back my findings after the three week
treatment. I strongly suspect some sort of fluke problem in my tank (possibly gill

Walter B. Klockers
Plano, TX

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