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[APD] Changing from wet dry to Canister

I started up a 120 (4x2x2) in May with a DIY wet dry primarily because in past tanks I've had a big problem with surface scum. Other parameters:

Pressure CO2 run direclty into submersible pump inlet
2 x 175w MH pendants (6500K)
Onyx sand substrate
Tap water: KH 3, pH 7.8

My 10 lb CO2 tank lasts about 3 weeks! I have no leaks. I am going to install a reactor shortly, but I don't think my wet dry is "tuned" very well. I'm considering a switch to Eheim pro canister, either 2026 or 2028. I have been following the surface scum threads, and am concerned this might affect myt tank. I have read a DIY article on surface skimmer from the Krib. I have also seen at the LFS Fluval and Aquaclear's surface skimmer attachments, both of which have a large "cup" for skimming, that looks to be much betterh than the Eheim surface extractors I've tried (and hated due to frequent clogging) in the past. Any comments on these surface cup skimmers?

Thanks in advance
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