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[APD] marine planted tanks

Ruddy asked about how ppl's marine planted tanks were doing...

(so here i am coming out of lurk mode after many long months)

Mine is doing well, i have found through Tom's and others assistance (see reefcentral macroalgae forum for more info) that good light and fertilization is key.
Course every algae is different and some thrive and some dont'.. u just have to play w/ different ones (if and when u cna find them)
sounds a lot like fw planted doesn't it?? ;-)P

im a notoriously lazy water tester.. in fact.. i can't remember the last time i tested anything.. except of course the salinity thats an easy one.. they make nitrate and pH kits like that and i may start testing again...

but i have noticed one thing in particular that will affect fragile macros and that is the salinity level. Let it fall too much and some will die off. Heat also can be of consequence in like manner..

i keep my calcium levels high.. enough to grow heliopora (blue plate) and some other hard corals as well as keep a good growth of corraline algae on the back glasss ... tank is only 6 months old right now.. and it is doing really well.

i willl post some pics to my members section at my clubs website very soon...

good luck

Joe Anderson, OKCAA

Longest Running Aquarium Club in Oklahoma - Since 1949!
Oklahoma City Aquarium Association

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I'm curious to where Tom Barr's marine tank stands (And anyone else's)? I
have a small Marine tank at home and I'm interested in what works and such
and the experiences so far.


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