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Re: [APD] Re: Cork Backgrounds

Neat.  A Rug Gardener -- we don't hear from many of those. 

How much do most plants use roots for nutrients when the
leaves are right in the soup to begin with????

If roots move enough mateiral through the substrate to
obviate substrate heating cables, wouold not the same apply
to rugs?

I don't doubt the viability of a planted rug tank -- I jsut
wonder if root feeding is the reason it can work. . . . .
info anyone?

Scott H.
--- Phil Edwards <biotypical at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Bill,
> I used a mixture of Flourite and Estes' "Bits of Walnut"
> gravel in about a 
> 80/20 mix.  What really got the plants going in my
> estimation was the use of 
> a Reversed UGF as my filter.  The additional flow of
> nutrients to the 
> plants' roots made them explode!  After I took the tank
> down I moved some of 
> the walkeri to another aquarium with lots of nutrients
> but no UGF and they 
> didn't grow nearly as well.

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