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[APD] Re: Marine tanks

> From: "Ruddy Douglass" <ruddy at maine_rr.com>
> Subject: [APD] Marine Planted Tank
> To: "aquatic plants digest" <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> I'm curious to where Tom Barr's marine tank stands (And anyone else's)? I
> have a small Marine tank at home and I'm interested in what works and such
> and the experiences so far.
> -ruddy

It's died back some. I left for 2 weeks several times this summer and the
tanks have been neglected, not to mention the heat of 90F+. Marine tanks
don't like that nor do marine plants. But there's little I can do about it
at the moment. Some of the calcareous algae have done well though. A few of
the red algae have faired well.

The sensitivity is greater in dosing. I've been able to dose NO3 liberally
and even PO4. But if I also add iron, I get diatoms and small reds on the
glass and other places I don't want it. Very little algae grows on the
plants either way.

It'll be awhile till I get better successes but I have gained some valuable
knowledge that most marines folks would not dare to do. Most keep plants as
incidental occupants in marine reef tanks growing off of live rock or use it
for utilitarian purposes for NO3/PO4 removal.

The Tank is still doing okay but later as it cools off, the tank should do
better. I could have taken some photo's but I don't have a digital camera
and I have not gotten around to using my 35mm.

While some might consider the tank nice etc, so far to me it has been a
failure likely from me monkeying with everything/the heat. But I may
consider a chiller for the summer heat later. But the failure have simply
opened up a new area for me and that needs work done.

The marine planted tank is not as robust as far as nutrient dosing is
concerned. It will need finer tuning.

Tom Barr

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