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Re: [APD] De-lurking...

I think they're pretty good! I've had 1" (just a baby) Yoyo loach turn over a 1/2" snail and have himself a feast. If the fish is big enough to flip the snail over, haute cuisine!!!
Not only that, but I've watched a pack of 3-4 2" Botia Robusta's attack a 3" apple snail just as it was moving along a log, the pack of them picked and pecked until the apple finally succumbed to attack and they ate away at it like a cornucopia... amazing to watch them in the throws of a feeding frenzy.

Also Lee, for what its worth if you can make the trip over to Duluth, the Petland there pretty much
always carries both true SAE's and flying foxes, not to mention japonica's, cherry shrimp, and a lot
more, good aquatic plants, totally worth the trip IME, Insert Usual Disclaimers ...etc...


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