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[APD] Re: surface scum

> Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 12:48:04 +0200
> From: "Stephan Mifsud" <labmdp at waldonet_net.mt>
> Subject: [APD] re: surface scum
> Does it make sense to have low surface agitation when you have scum on the
> surface? If the reason that increasing CO2 helps remove the scum by
> increasing the O2 (which increases microbial decomposition of the scum)
> won't it make more sense to agitate the surface... helping to introduce
> O2, break up the scum physically and increase its surface area?

As I noted, the plants are already bubbling O2, which means the water is
supersaturated with O2; if I agitate the surface, it will perhaps increase
the loss of dissolved O2, but will certainly increase the loss of dissolved
CO2, which means I'll have to increase the rate of CO2 injection. Agitation
of the surface may improve mixing and breakdown though, so that may help.

I suspect you may be correct with regards to something else in the tank
causing the scum; this is a fairly new planted tank (3 mths old), and might
be the bogwood leaching stuff (although all were treated prior to
insertion). It comes back 4-6 days after water change; interestingly enough,
it wasn't there in the inital stages, and my other planted tanks don't have

phlim at iinet_net.au

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