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[APD] De-lurking...

Well all the talk about declining participation made me decide to de-lurk as well! 

A LFS employee here suggested that some snails called "golden" snails, about the size of a quarter, would eat algae like beard & brush algae and not harm plants. Does anyone know the scientific name of such snail(s) and if this assertion about their eating habits is true?

Also, all my MTS were devoured a while back by my evil skunk loaches. What do you think the odds are that a 1" loach will eat a quarter sized snail? 

Also, for you Atlanta GA folks, I'm going to have Pets Unlimited in Marietta order a batch of true SAEs this coming Tuesday. If anyone wants some, that would be a good time to call them or go by the store. (I'm not affiliated with this store, YMMV, yada yada...)

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