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Re: [APD] Re: Cork backgrounds -- After popping the cork,Cooling the drink

Onc ethe amobient temp gets up to a certain point, the nly
way to kepp your water cool is to chill, either with an
earthen heat sink or pelterie type chiller or "freon" type
chiller.  There are some other more exoctic options.

I think those auto items are just peltier devices.  You can
get ones made for aquariums.  They are not very energy
efficient as chillers go but you can get small ones, and
therefore cheap ones.  And you can reverse the voltage,
usually by flipping a switch and the become heaters instead
of chillers.  Low up fornt cost, small size, work aas a
heater.  Those are the bennies.  Not practical on medium to
large scale and relatively energy inefficient.  Those are
the downers.

Near the same price as the larger peltier type chilleers is
the ViaQua chiller, if you shop around for price.  It's
only a 240 watt unit but has a well built compressor and
titantium coil.  I've been running a couple all summer
including my 150g.  No probs, no regrets.

There are other small "freon" type chillers but they tend
to cost much much more.

Scott H.
--- Ed Dumas <eldumas at telus_net> wrote:
> MJPinckard wrote:
> > I recently added a cork back wall to my tank after
> reading comments from 
> > Tom and others...
> > 
> > Here is a link of the tank with the cork
> > http://www.woadharps.com/images/tank2.jpg
> Okay, I am going to try this! I have been wondering about
> a change in 
> look for my tank, and after reading Tom's article, and
> seeing the photo 
> of the tank with cork, I have decided I am going to give
> it a whirl! I 
> think it is something very different, and should give a
> nice effect.
> See, now this is evidence that you folks were worrying
> too much about 
> disappearing APD members. I have been in lurk mode all
> summer, and then 
> suddenly a new idea strikes you, and you run with it.
> Now, if anybody has any good ideas for cooling a tank
> cheaply... It has 
> been consistently 30degrees celcius and above here for
> over a month 
> (B.C. Canada). We don't normally have air conditioning in
> our homes as 
> they would only be used about 2-3 months per year. I was
> thinking about 
> getting one of those electronic auto food-coolers, and
> adapting if for 
> my tank. Has anyone ever tried anything like that before?
> Nice idea with cork, Tom.
> Ed Dumas
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