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[APD] Re: Cork backgrounds

MJPinckard wrote:

I recently added a cork back wall to my tank after reading comments from Tom and others...

Here is a link of the tank with the cork

Okay, I am going to try this! I have been wondering about a change in look for my tank, and after reading Tom's article, and seeing the photo of the tank with cork, I have decided I am going to give it a whirl! I think it is something very different, and should give a nice effect.

See, now this is evidence that you folks were worrying too much about disappearing APD members. I have been in lurk mode all summer, and then suddenly a new idea strikes you, and you run with it.

Now, if anybody has any good ideas for cooling a tank cheaply... It has been consistently 30degrees celcius and above here for over a month (B.C. Canada). We don't normally have air conditioning in our homes as they would only be used about 2-3 months per year. I was thinking about getting one of those electronic auto food-coolers, and adapting if for my tank. Has anyone ever tried anything like that before?

Nice idea with cork, Tom.

Ed Dumas

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