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[APD] Intro

Greetings all!

  It's been about 2 years or so since I've been on the list, but I guess once bitten w. the plant bug, you can never be healed.
  My original plan was to set up a simple 15 gal. planted tank, w. maybe a pair of rams, and thats about it.  Well, my first tank had a crack, and after about a day of having water (and that's it, thankfully) I noticed that it started to leak.  So I ditched that one, and went to grab my other 15g.  I was a bit too careless and ended up cracking that one as well.
  So now I am setting up my 35 gal. tank (36"L x 18"H x 18"W).  It's going to have a complete base of Flourite, and I'll probably light it w. T8s for now - and CO2 of course (yeast).  I'm also running a Fluval canister (104 I think) for circulation.
  My LFS has a pretty good selection, but not nearly enough plants for initial stocking, and I don't want to clean him out completely.  If I remember correctly, you're supposed to go w. a whole lot of fast-growers to start off w.  I'm wondering what's a good, cheep(ish) source of mail-order plants in Canada (I'm in Edmonton).  Unfortunately, I just missed the local Fish Club's auction :(.  At least I know that I can get my algae crew at the LFS (SAEs & Amano shrimp).
  I'll be sure to keep you all informed as things come along - I pray that I won't be plagued by algae (though, it's never really been a problem in the past).  
Glad to be back!

Jason Miller
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