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[APD] Riggenbachi

>I know this is a plant forum, etc., but if anyone has
>any care info on Aphyosemion riggenbachi 'Dibeng,' or
>has an idea where I could look, I'd be very
>appreciative. Got an awesome pair from LFS and want to
>know more about native habitat/diet. I checked the
>Krib and AKA site and couldn't find much more than a
>few pics. 

Riggenbachi is the largest member of the Chromoaphyosemion
subgenus of Aphyosemion. The "bivs" named for A. bivittatum
which is what all these fish used to be more or less lumped under.

The reason you cant find any information specific to this fish
is that you treat it as any aphyosemion. Put a few pairs in
a well lanted tank, feed live food, scoop out excess fry
every now and again.

I've never taken to the one pair in a small tank idea and bivs
of all killies do really well in a setup with say 6 pairs in
a 20 gallon tank. With nothing other than java moss and stupid
small amounts of light you have one of the more impressive displays
of fish it's possible to have.

I fed mine nothing but live white worms. If you feed them spirolina
and a vitamin capsule they arne't fatty like if you feed them bread
soaked in milk (what Jack Wattley also mentions in this months TFH)
and even as an exclisve food they don't make fish fat and the fish
never seem to tire of them.

They're slightly harder than platies to keep the only differences
being you really want to use live not dired food only becaise they're
so shy and may not scarf down all the flake food you throw at them;
the tank will simpy stay cleaner longer with live food and oh yeas
they JUMP. Make sure the tank is TIGHLY covered EVRYWHERE. You would
simply not belivee how small an opening they can get out of.

Dibeng is one of the zillions of locations they're found.


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