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[APD] Re:Surface scum

> Tom, my CO2 is at 30ppm, but I'm still getting bad surface scum; it's a
> definite layer on the surface which feels soapy. The plants seems to be
> producing O2 fine, with bubbles coming off. Low surface agitation to keep
> CO2 in. Any suggestions?
> Cheers,
> Poe

I am NOT the surface scum expert:)
But I will say that if the plants are growing well, supplied with all the
goodies, CO2 and light, the tank gets regular 50% weekly water changes, it
is unlikely that the tank should have scum.

I lowered the CO2 again, just to see, within one day the scum came back.
This is a small nuisance but I am just observing at this point and asking
around to see what others experience.

I'm not looking for a slow build up, but something that forms within 1 day
max(at least visible).

Stressing the plants does seem to leak out more compounds, but getting the
plants to keep these compounds better is the ultimate goal. We do not have
an organics test for compounds really for the hobby and this might be a
visual method of determining whether the plant is "leaky" or not.

Do the compounds help algae? Perhaps.

Tom Barr

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