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[APD] Re: cork walled tank

> I recently added a cork back wall to my tank after reading comments from Tom
> and others...
> Here is a link of the tank with the cork
> http://www.woadharps.com/images/tank2.jpg
> and before adding it...
> http://www.woadharps.com/images/tank.jpg
> Only took me a couple of hours to make... it was totally worth it.
> Maggie

Very nice goldfish plant tank.
Some ideas that would help the tank some:

Cut some of the leftover cork and glue it on that overflow box(3 facing
sides). Then attach moss etc to it. It's easy to trim the moss also.
Bolbitus grows extremely well on cork FYI. The dark color accents the tank
well. You can add java fern, moss, more Anubias, even place pennywort along
the back/top to cover any tubes etc. Narrow leaf and lace java fern is very
desirable also. I would mainly only use Anubias barteri var nana for that
genus. The others are harder and don't seem to adapt as well. Also you don't
want the wall to shade over too much of the bottom plants either.

I tend to place the java fern down low,corners then the Anubias, maybe the
hnarrow leaf java fern next and then Bolbitus at the top/corners. Grassy
crypts such as C.c. balansae or spirlais would be nice back there.

The tank should fill in nicely. Dwarf Lobelia might hold up well for a
foreground plant. You can sell extra fern/Anubias etc pretty easy on
websites or at the local club meetings. It's also a good place to add extra
plants till you get around to doing something with them.

Do you add CO2?

Tom Barr


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