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Re: [APD] Tempered glass?

If you put on polarized lens sunglasses, and you view the
glass surface and you can see the softly checkered pattern
on the surface that was caused by the air jets that
rapidily coole d the surface, thats a very good sign.  You
see this same kind of pattern on automobilie glass because
it is tempered.  That shouldn't give you a false positive
but you might get a false negative with this method.

If the glass was made for doors or windows, "tempered" or
"Safety glass" will probably be etched into the glass in
some small inconpsicuous location.

Scott H.
--- "LeDeaux, David" <David_LeDeaux at tripointglobal.com>
> I have an opportunity to get a couple of sheets of glass
> out of a
> construction project going on here at work.  I figured
> that it would make a
> great cover for one of my tanks.  My concern is that they
> might be tempered
> glass.  Does anyone know how to tell by looking if it is
> tempered or not
> (besides hitting it with a hammer!).  I don't want it if
> I can't cut it to
> size.
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